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  • Talent Acquisition Training - A comprehensive guide. 

    Those that have responsibility to attract and retain the very best talent to an organisation need to be highly skilled in ensuring that the best possible candidate shortlists are presented to hiring managers in order that the most competent and motivated employees can be brought into the team. This training course provides a structure and process for talent acquisition professionals that will greatly improve capability and efficiency. 

  • Cambridge Career Transition - CCT, offers you a step by step learning journey to help you achieve your next career goal.

    Remtec Career Transition Support is a comprehensive program that will assist you to massively improve your outcomes when embarking on a change of career or job search endeavour.

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Module 1 - Career development and job search planning

At the end of this module, you will have:

  • ​have an impressive list of skills & achievements that you can refer to throughout each stage of your job search.
  • create a career development plan that will increase your chances of getting the job you want.
  • have a clear vision of the type of company you want to work for to achieve your ambition.
  • gain all the tools & the knowledge your need on how to begin your job search in a structured & organised way to stay on track and motivated.

Module 2 - Writing your CV and building an online presence

At the end of this module you will have:

  • A clear understanding on how to structure and present your CV for optimum employer attention.
  • 5 top tips that are essential to complete before you send your CV anywhere.
  • Why having a LinkedIn profile is an important part of your job search.
  • How to create a LinkedIn profile to attract and engage with employers. 

Module 3 - Accessing job opportunities through different channels

At the end of this module, you will:

  • Understand the importance of having a mixture of ways (channels) to efficiently access opportunities to maximise your chances of job search success.
  • Learn how to access and utilise the channels optimally to bring job opportunities to you.
  • Be able to deploy a number of these methods efficiently, putting yourself in a stronger position than most job seekers, and you will greatly increase your chances of success.
  • Confidently assess all job opportunities prior to application and know where to focus your follow up efforts and time. 

Module 5 and 6 - Further interviews, job offers & starting a new job

At the end of this module you will:

  • Know how to first assess the first interview already attended
  • Know how to prepare for the next stage of the selection process
  • Completed a review of additional assessments you may encounter
  • Know how to prepare for formal presentations
  • Find out how to evaluate any offer you been given
  • Gain knowledge on how to negotiate a salary and benefits package
  • Receive advice on how to prepare yourself for a new job

Module 4 - Interview planning and preparation

At the end of this module you will:

  • Have a real opportunity to out perform competitors by preparing to succeed
  • Know how to perform at your best during an interview
  • Have the skills to research the employer and the job prior to an interview
  • Know the different types of interviews and how to prepare for them
  • Know how to predict and prepare for questions you may be asked
  • Be given guidance on how to sell yourself in an authentic and truthful way
  • Feel supported on how to manage your nerves and be in the right mindset for success
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